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Cutting and polishing pads designed for maximum efficiency rotary and dual-action buffing on the Lake Country UDOS 51E 5-in-1 Polisher.

The new line of UDO pads complement the 5-in-1 functionality and the unique backing plate of the UDOS polisher; UDO custom pads are designed to operate in rotary or dual action orbit modes (12mm, 15mm, 21mm). The new UDO polishing pad line features the exclusive Active Rebound Technology which helps maintain foam consistency after repeated exposure to polishing-generated heat. Clean microwool between passes with compressed air or after a few sets with the Lake Country System 4000 Pad Washer; clean foam pads with a pad brush and/or the System 4000.

Although designed specifically to complement the UDOS polisher; like Rupes pads these pads will still work effectively on other machines. 

Purchase any 3-5 Lake Country polishing pads or backing plates and save 5%. Purchase 6+ and save 10%! Purchase 12+ and save 15%!