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Remove deep scratches, refine to a showroom finish, and seal your heavy truck’s paint for long-lasting shine and beautiful water beading.

Between endless miles of hauling, UV rays, harsh detergents, chemical etching, and wash brushes, single-stage paint found on many heavy trucks often becomes chalky, dirty, and deeply damaged with swirls and marring within a few short years. The most cost-effective way to restore your rig’s shine is to polish it! Using extremely fine abrasives, small amounts of clear coat are removed from the surface to level scratches and expose undamaged clear. Super Heavy Cut 300 uses diminishing abrasives to remove some of the deepest scratches, cut through oxidized paint, and self-refine to a medium gloss. Liquid+ Medium Cut 2400 utilizes additional lubrication to help your polishing pads glide across older/dried out surfaces and refines the cut of the first stage. Then, the surface is returned to the highest possible showroom gloss with Super Finish Plus 3800 Show Car Finish. Finally, the surface is sealed with Power Lock Ultimate Protection for maximum gloss, a beautiful water beading effect, and long-lasting (up to 6 month’s) protection from environmental influences.

Kit contains four 1L / 32 oz bottles including Menzerna Super Heavy Cut 300 (Improved Formulation), Liquid+ Medium Cut Polish 2400, Super Finish Plus 3800, and Power Lock Ultimate Protection.

Super Heavy Cut Compound 300 (ex FG300)

An aggressive car polish with maximum abrasion that works to a medium cut.

Ideal for professional vehicle detailing and coating, this high-performance car polishing compound leads in the removal of sanding marks. Formerly known as FG 300, Menzerna's Super Heavy Cut Compound (SHCC) 300 removes 1200-1500 grit sanding marks and signs of use in the shortest time without damaging the surface or getting adjacent areas dirty.

SHCC 300 results in a high performance finish thanks to the latest polishing technologies with divisible polishing grit - diminishing abrasives start at a heavy cut but break down to a medium cut.

Cut / Gloss: 10 / 6

Improved Formulation

Super Finish Plus 3800 (ex SF4500)

Menzerna's show car finishing polish for the ultimate deep gloss.

Like FF 3000 and SF 3500, Menzerna's Super Finish Plus (SFP) 3800 removes polishing marks, micro-scratches and holograms from automotive clear coats but produces some of the highest gloss finishes possible. Menzerna SFP 3800 was formerly known as Super Finish 4500 (SF 4500).

Cut / Gloss: 2 / 10+