Ultimate Heavy Truck Paint Polishing & Protection Kit


Remove deep scratches, refine to a showroom finish, and seal your heavy truck’s paint for long-lasting shine and beautiful water beading.

Between endless miles of hauling, UV rays, harsh detergents, chemical etching, and wash brushes, single-stage paint found on many heavy trucks often becomes chalky, dirty, and deeply damaged with swirls and marring within a few short years. The most cost-effective way to restore your rig’s shine is to polish it! Using extremely fine abrasives, small amounts of clear coat are removed from the surface to level scratches and expose undamaged clear. Super Heavy Cut 300 uses diminishing abrasives to remove some of the deepest scratches, cut through oxidized paint, and self-refine to a medium gloss. Liquid+ Medium Cut 2400 utilizes additional lubrication to help your polishing pads glide across older/dried out surfaces and refines the cut of the first stage. Then, the surface is returned to the highest possible showroom gloss with Super Finish Plus 3800 Show Car Finish. Finally, the surface is sealed with Power Lock Ultimate Protection for maximum gloss, a beautiful water beading effect, and long-lasting (up to 6 month’s) protection from environmental influences.

Kit contains four 1L / 32 oz bottles including Menzerna Super Heavy Cut 300, Liquid+ Medium Cut Polish 2400, Super Finish Plus 3800, and Power Lock Ultimate Protection.

Pairs withMenzerna Heavy Cut Foam Pad or Lambs Wool, Menzerna Medium Cut Foam Pad, Menzerna Soft Cut Foam Pad, and Menzerna Wax & Protect Pad
Suitable for: Both rotary and orbital applications.
Storage: Store between 5C and 30C, avoid frost/freezing and direct sunlight.

Fast processes and the economical use of materials ensure economic efficiency. That is exactly what the Menzerna high-performance car polish products offer. They were developed based on many years of experience and in close cooperation with the automobile industry and leading coating manufacturers. In addition to reliable standard products, the variable 4-stage polishing system offers numerous alternatives: For flexible, safe processing depending on the order and the desired surface finish. For premium results in the shortest possible time. The latest polishing technologies ensure protection and lasting value. That is why our professional car polishing compounds are valued and extensively applied by professional users. Vehicle detailers, coating shops, motor vehicle workshops, automobile manufacturers or private automobile and old-timer fans: They all rely on the quality of Menzerna professional car polishes.

For the product technical data sheet and more detailed usage recommendations, visit Menzerna's website here.

Precautions: Contains potentially hazardous chemicals; wear appropriate safety clothing and respiratory protection. Menzerna automotive polishes are professional products capable of removing significant amounts of surface material; misuse could lead to irreversible surface damage. Use your least aggressive polishes, pads, and machines first unless you are very familiar with your work surface, tools, and these products.

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