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Save on this six (6) piece aluminum polishing kit hand-selected by Stephane to achieve a mirror finish on aluminum in three simple steps. Includes three (3) Menzerna premium solid polishing compound bars paired with three (3) top-quality 10″ x 3″ Osborn airway buffing wheels. Comes with instructions detailing how to mount a buff, sanding, compound and buff combinations, rotational speed, and more. Consider adding an optional safety flange, buffing wheel rake, and arbor extender if you don’t already have them!

Includes Osborn 20-Ply Orange, 16-Ply Yellow (formerly green or blue), and 20-Ply Untreated buffs plus Menzerna 439T Heavy Cut, P14F Medium Cut, and 480BLF Finish. If any items are backordered, we can modify kit before shipping or await the missing items.


Quickcenter Safety Flange (3″ ID Wheels)

Self-centering safety flange eliminates the need for center reducer plates.

Custom CNC machined aluminum self-centering safety flange for use with 3" center buffing wheels. Designed to fit Matchless wheels; virtually eliminates vibration and assures quick mounting of buffing wheels. Mounts directly without the need for an arbor nut.


Rake - End Mount

Completely assembled end mount or "T" style rake set for one handed use with portable power and air tools.

Now equipped with our new heavy gauge, laser cut stainless steel rake heads and stainless hardware! Made with 3/4" mahogany hardwood plywood, this tool is designed as an anti-glazing and facing device for cloth buffing wheels. Handle is flared at the base to help prevent loss of grip when raking. Steel rake head is easily replaceable when worn.


Safety Flange Extender

Keep your hands safe and extend your buff's reach with a safety flange extension!

These lightweight aluminum threaded adapters are a perfect solution for those needing additional threads on portable power tools or equipment equipped with a 5/8” arbor. Provides a full 1-1/2” of male threads for exceptional versatility. Made from extra high grade 7075 aluminum for added strength and reliability. Hexagon base for easy installation and removal. Recommended for use with our Quickcenter safety flange sets.

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