Spectrum Abrasives – 800 Grit Hook & Loop Sandpaper Discs


Premium aluminum oxide discs with a thick velour hook & loop backing for efficient sanding and flawless finishes.

800 Grit, B-weight paper with thick velour backing, open coat design, and two coats of stearate anti-loading agent make this economic paper efficient and effective. Thick backing is less likely to tear during high-speed rotary sanding, and top-quality hook & loop means quick and easy removal of spent discs. Made in Canada!

Purchase 5-9 boxes of sandpaper and save 5%! Purchase 10-19+ and save 10%! Purchase 20+ and save 15%!
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Pairs with: Firm Backing PadSoft Hook & Loop Sanding Interface, Soft Hook & Loop Sanding Interface (Extra-Thick)

The most common form of aluminum oxide is brown aluminum oxide.  Other forms of aluminum oxide include pink and white aluminum oxide, which present a stark contrast to brown aluminum oxide. Pink and white aluminum oxide break down quicker than brown aluminum oxide, but pink and white produce a cleaner finish, meaning pink aluminum oxide and white aluminum oxide are more similar to silicon carbide than to brown aluminum oxide.

Spectrum sandpaper is made with white aluminum oxide for an optimum pre-polishing surface.

Typically, Spectrum suggests sanding metal no higher than 600 grit as Menzerna's universal metal polishing compounds (439T Heavy Cut & P14F Medium Cut) are rated to cut out 280 and 320-400 grit sanding marks, respectively). For a cut-stage polish on stainless steel, consider using a sisal wheel to remove sanding marks more efficiently than a standard cotton buffing wheel.

Disc Size

5", 6"

  1. ryan l dean (verified owner)

    Hands down the best sand paper for dry sanding metal, my favorite thing about this paper is if you accidentally bump into something while high speed sanding it normally doesn’t shred until you bump something several times, works great with rotary, DA, and orbital

  2. Alan Flynn (verified owner)

    good again

  3. layne scheck (verified owner)

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