Osborn – Secondary Cut/Colour Airway Buffs


Semi-firm buffs for cut & colour buffing.

Many polishers subscribe to a two-step polishing process, but this is how maximum depth, colour, and clarity are achieved. By utilizing these secondary cut/colouring buffs (combined with medium cut & finishing compounds), you can more efficiently removing heavy-cut scratches from your surface and put colour into the metal before completing that “wet” look with finishing buffs and Super Finish compounds. Spectrum recommends combining these buffs with Menzerna’s P14F, P164, and 333 medium cut compounds and/or P275, P126, 480W, and 480BLF finishing compounds.

Please note: Matchless was recently purchased by Osborn (Jackson Lea). Osborn has not yet been able to fully commission Matchless’ original buff production machinery; as a result, Osborn has continued supplying airways produced with Matchless’ cloth but manufactured on their own buffing wheel production equipment. As a result, buff appearance may vary from those pictured – this is, however, a temporary solution as they work to start up Matchless’ equipment and bring all their equipment to the same specifications.

Purchase any 10+ buffs and save 5%! Purchase any 20+ buffs and save 10%!

Pairs with: Menzerna P14F, Menzerna 333, Menzerna P164, Menzerna P275, Menzerna P126, Menzerna 480W, Menzerna 480BLF

Buff will need to be raked prior to initial use. Does not include a center reducer plate. Requires the use of a self-centering safety flange set or standard end flanges (ideally) in conjunction with a center reducer plate for proper mounting and safe operation. Industrial grade.

Max RPM:
10" x 3" = 3200 RPM
12" x 5" = 3000 RPM

Wheel Diameter

10" x 3", 12" x 5"


Green (Medium-Hard), Blue (Medium-Hard), Yellow (Medium-Soft)


86/80 Cloth (Extra Dense), #2 Pack (Standard Duty), 20 Ply, 86/80 Cloth (Extra Dense), #4 Pack (Heavy Duty), 16 Ply

  1. Mirror Image Auto Detailing

    Matchless (Osborn) Blue Airway: This wheel is super versatile and can be used as a primary cut wheel that leaves very consistent marks and amazing clarity, or as a second cut that will make the metal pop before the finishing step. This is a wheel that every polisher should have in their arsenal!

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