Salts Gone Acid-Free Chloride Eliminator Concentrate


Instantly remove corrosive salt and brine from your cars, boats, and fleet vehicles.

Salts Gone is 100% non-hazardous, eco-friendly and easy to use; prevent salt and brine from costing you thousands in rust damage and depreciation! This unique chemical removes salt and brine and leaves behind a protective barrier to stop new salt from attacking the surface. Salts Gone is a commercial-grade product that is easy for any consumer to use. Simply spray on and rise off. The super concentrated formula is designed for winter use by having an extremely low rate of water consumption: an average vehicle takes only about 3 oz of solution to rinse, as the solution can be diluted with water 100:1!

Recommended for use on cars, industrial equipment, and boats, Salts Gone is 100% biodegradable, pH neutral, and safe for paint, polished aluminum, waxes, and ceramic coatings – it can even be used on a boat still in the water! Made in the USA. 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, and 275 gallon totes also available; contact us at [email protected]

Purchase and 3-9 Salts Gone or Rusts Gone products and save 5%! Purchase any 10+ and save 10%!

Storage: Avoid frost/freezing; store between 5C and 50C.

Salts Gone is an instantly acting salt and brine remover for vehicles, boats, and other industrial applications. How does it work? Salts Gone works through the chemical process of chelation - it is satisfying the chemical bond of the elements that make up various forms of salt.

More simply, the NaCl (CaCl2, MgCl2, etc.) becomes separated; Na is removed from the Cl and each have a new bond - as a result they will not form salt again as they have been satisfied. In contrast, water simply dissolves it and when it dries salt will remain on the surface - it's attracted to the electrons in the water, and once they are gone it seeks electrons from metal surfaces (forming rust!).

It's no secret that salt and brine does a fantastic job keeping our roads safe in freezing conditions, but it wreaks havoc on our vehicles. Salt corrosion results in deterioration of the paint, bodies, and frames - but Salts Gone offers a simple way to protect your investment. Salts Gone is a safe, eco-friendly and effective method to protect your vehicle before, during and after exposure to salt and brine. Salts Gone is proven to dissolve salt and prevent new salt from adhering to the surface.

Salts Gone also works great on boats! Scrubbing with soapy water is not enough to actually emulsify and remove salt; Salts Gone allows you to simply rinse salt build up from stainless steel, fiberglass, cushions, carpet, fishing rods and your motor effortlessly, and is safe to use even when your boat is still on the water!

Volume Size

32 oz, Gallon, 5 Gallon

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