Rusts Gone Rust Converter Coating


Reverses active rust and protects with a durable resin coating!

The one-two punch is now here: stop existing rust in it’s tracks with Rusts Gone industrial rust converter, and prevent future corrosion with Salts Gone! Unlike aluminum oxide, when iron-based metals are exposed to oxygen, they begin to rust – water and salt act as catalysts that accelerate this reaction. Vehicle frames, structures, and many other iron and steel objects are affected by rust corrosion; the worldwide corrosion authority, NACE International estimates that in 2016 the cost of corrosion damage in the United States was in excess of US$450 billion. Don’t let your equipment depreciate and fail; reverse rust with Rusts Gone! Apply using a brush, roller, or sprayer – a 32 oz bottle provides up to 220 square feet of coverage.

Rusts Gone will turn black on surfaces where the mil scale has been removed and there is active rust. Areas coated over mil scale or paint will dry clear, but prevent future corrosion through encapsulation; product will also dry clear on areas without rust like wiring harnesses, etc.

Purchase and 3-9 Salts Gone or Rusts Gone products and save 5%! Purchase any 10+ and save 10%!

Storage: Avoid frost/freezing; store between 5C and 50C.

1) Degrease the surface, then treat with Salts Gone to ensure coating adhesion.
2) Wire wheel or otherwise remove all loose rust from the surface (no need to go down to bare metal).
3) Blow surface clean to remove any dust.
4) Shake Rusts Gone bottle thoroughly to mix.
5) Pour required amount into a separate container - DO NOT use directly out of this package as rust contamination will activate the product, causing it to harden prematurely.
6) Brush, roll, or spray Rusts Gone on surface rust. Thoroughly work into surface with a circular motion; deeply penetrate all areas of active corrosion.
7) Converter will turn from white to black in areas affected by rust.
8) If area(s) are missed with first application, wait 30 minutes before recoating the same area(s).
9) Product will dry to touch in 30 minutes, fully cure in 24 hours.
10) If a topcoat is desired, apply after product is fully cured.

Volume Size

32 oz, Gallon, 5 Gallon

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