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Premium European-style, firm buffing wheels designed for cut & colour buffing.

After a long wait, we’re proud to introduce Spectrum Professional Series buffing wheels made by Hilzinger America. These buffing wheels sport higher grades of raw material than are regularly available in North America, and come combined with exceptional construction and clinch ring strength. Though they come at a greater cost, they more than make up for it through enhanced durability, efficiency, retained firmness throughout their lifespan, and – more importantly – finer finishes in less time/fewer steps. Please note that the cotton used in these buffs tends to hold compound much better than domestic fabrics – as a result, particularly after a break-in period, it’s easier to accidentally overload your compound. A little goes a long way!

To achieve a beautiful mirror finish, metal (like any material) needs to be prepared by cutting down the surface to level out highs and lows. Deep scratches diffuse light and reduce your clarity; cut them out with coarse cutting compounds and firm buffing wheels that enhance the cut-down effect! Spectrum recommends combining this wheel with Menzerna’s 439T Heavy Cut, 456G Heavy Cut, 333 Medium Cut, or P14F Medium Cut compound.

Made in the USA! Please note that because European buffs are built to the millimeter, these new buffs may require the use of our updated self-centering safety flanges for best fit.