Menzerna – Power Protect Ultra 2-in-1: High-Gloss Finish & Wax


Menzerna’s Premium 2 in 1 Car Polish: High-gloss finish and a silicone-free coating sealant.

Ultimate performance that goes the distance: Menzerna’s Power Protect Ultra (PPU) 2 in 1 removes fine streaks and holograms, then forms a protective film that counteracts the adhesion of dirt. VOC-free. Maintain with Menzerna Endless Shine. Wax lasts up to two (2) months.

Cut / Gloss: 2 / 10

Purchase any 6-11 Menzerna automotive/marine polishes and detailing products and save 10%! Purchase 12+, save 15%! 5L volumes are excluded from this promotion.

Menzerna recommends finishing with an orbital machine. You can expect up to two month's protection from the built-in sealant; for a longer-lasting sealing effect consider instead Liquid Carnauba Protection (up to 3 months) or Power Lock Ultimate Protection (up to six months); for more cutting power consider One-Step Polish 3-in-1 or use PPU 2-in-1 in concert with a diminishing abrasive compound like Heavy Cut 400.

Sealants like Power Lock Ultimate Protection can be layered and then topped with waxes to increase durability/longevity, but layering a sealant on a wax is ineffective (the wax wears away before the sealant/the sealant will have difficulty bonding to a wax).

Pairs with: Menzerna Soft Cut Foam PadMenzerna Wax Foam Pad
Suitable for: Rotary, orbital, or hand application
Storage: Store between 5C and 30C, avoid frost/freezing and direct sunlight.

- 2 in 1: High-gloss car polish and sealant in one product
- Tangibly smoother surface
- Perfect water-beading
- Overpaintable
- Silicone free

Menzerna finishes are perfect auto polish solutions for minor scratches, streaks and clouding in automotive polishing. They ensure an absolutely hologram-free surface with an exclusive gloss, all the way to a show car finish – even on black coatings.

For the product technical data sheet and more detailed usage recommendations, click here. Learn more about Menzerna's car polishing and protection product lineup here.
Precautions: Contains white mineral oil, hydrocarbons, aromatics, and other potentially hazardous chemicals; wear appropriate safety clothing and respiratory protection if work area is not well ventilated. Keep in mind that polishing automotive paint necessarily removes small amounts of material from your clear coat. Menzerna paint polishes are professional products capable of removing significant amounts of surface material; misuse could lead to burnt paint or you polishing entirely through your clear coat. Use your least aggressive polishes, pads, and machines first unless you are very familiar with your work surface, tools, and these products.
Volume Size

8 oz, 250mL, 1L

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