Menzerna – Power Lock Ultimate Protection


Menzerna’s premium polymer coating sealant for all automotive clear coats.

Menzerna Power Lock Ultimate Protection (PLUP) is the long-lasting polymer coating sealant for all automotive clear coats. PLUP effectively seals the coating surface for long-lasting preservation, protecting against damaging environmental influences while maintaining a brilliant deep gloss. In addition, PLUP adds a superb beading effect. Maintain with Menzerna Endless Shine.

Purchase any 3-5 Menzerna automotive/marine polishes and detailing products and save 10%! Purchase 6-11, save 15%! Purchase 12+, save 20%! 5L volumes are excluded from this promotion.

Pairs with: Menzerna Wax Foam Pad
Suitable for: Orbital or hand application
Storage: Store between 5C and 30C, avoid frost/freezing and direct sunlight.

- Sealing technology of the latest generation
- Extremely long service life (up to 6 months)
- Maximum protection against environmental influences
- Premium beading behaviour
- Protects the vehicle’s value

Menzerna sealants offer long-lasting protection against environmental influences. For a protected, perceptibly smoother surface with a brilliant gloss. Ideal protection against dirt and optimum beading behaviour are guaranteed: the best polishing compounds for clear coats.

For the product technical data sheet and more detailed usage recommendations, click here. Learn more about Menzerna's car polishing and protection product lineup here.

Precautions: Contains petroleum distillates, siloxanes, silicones, and other potentially hazardous chemicals; wear appropriate safety clothing and respiratory protection if work area is not well ventilated.

Volume Size

250mL, 1L

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