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Semi-firm buffs for cut & colour buffing.

Many polishers subscribe to a two-step polishing process, but this is how maximum depth, colour, and clarity are achieved. By utilizing these secondary cut/colouring buffs (combined with medium cut & finishing compounds), you can more efficiently removing heavy-cut scratches from your surface and put colour into the metal before completing that “wet” look with finishing buffs and Super Finish compounds. Spectrum recommends combining these buffs with Menzerna’s P14F, P164, and 333 medium cut compounds and/or P275, P126, 480W, and 480BLF finishing compounds.

Please note that Osborn’s new wide-teeth clinch rings do NOT hold up at 6k RPM on 10″ buffing wheels – no buffing wheel is rated for these speeds. Older style clinch rings with more, narrower teeth appear to be a little stronger and while we occasionally receive these depending on the machine they are produced on, we cannot request them exclusively. We run 12″ x 5″ buffs almost exclusively and have not had a single blow-out in our shop with these buffs at 6k. Please note that clearance items are final sale.