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Excellent choice for polishing diamond plate, step grate, and other narrow or recessed areas like between rear wheel lug nuts.

Made with our firmest mill-treated cloths, these buffs are best suited as primary cutting wheels. High-density cloth sewn at a 3/8″ concentric stitch for added firmness. Spectrum recommends combining this wheel with Menzerna’s 439T Heavy Cut or P14F Medium Cut compounds.

Please note that Osborn’s new wide-teeth clinch rings do NOT hold up at 6k RPM on 10″ buffing wheels – no buffing wheel is rated for these speeds. Older style clinch rings with more, narrower teeth appear to be a little stronger and while we occasionally receive these depending on the machine they are produced on, we cannot request them exclusively. We run 12″ x 5″ buffs almost exclusively and have not had a single blow-out in our shop with these buffs at 6k.

Volume discount on select varieties of Hilzinger and Osborn buffing wheels: save 5% on 5-9 buffs, 10% on 10-19 buffs, and 15% on 20+ buffs!