Osborn (Matchless) – Orange Checker Plate Airway Buffing Wheel


Excellent choice for polishing diamond plate, step grate, and other narrow or recessed areas like between rear wheel lug nuts.

Our second stiffest mill-treated airway, the orange buff is best suited as a primary cutting wheel. High-density cloth sewn at a 3/8″ concentric stitch. Spectrum recommends combining this wheel with Menzerna’s 439T Heavy Cut or P14F Medium Cut compounds.

Please note: Matchless was recently purchased by Osborn (Jackson Lea). Due to COVID-19 related delays, Osborn has not yet been able to fully commission Matchless’ original buff production machinery. As a result, Osborn has continued supplying airways produced with Matchless’ cloth but manufactured on their own buffing wheel production equipment. As a result, buff appearance, balance, and overall construction may vary from those pictured – this is, however, a temporary solution as they work to start up Matchless’ equipment in coming weeks. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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Pairs with: Menzerna 439TMenzerna P14F

Buff will need to be raked prior to initial use. Does not include a center reducer plate. Requires the use of a self-centering safety flange set or standard end flanges (ideally) in conjunction with a center reducer plate for proper mounting and safe operation. Industrial grade.

Max RPM:
10" x 3" = 3200 RPM
12" x 5" = 3400 RPM

Wheel Diameter

10" x 3", 12" x 5"


#4 (Heavy Duty), #6 (Extra Heavy Duty)

Cloth Plies

12 Ply

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