Osborn – Mirror Finishing Airway Buffs


Soft cotton for the smoothest & cleanest surfaces.

At this point, you will not be accomplishing any cutting action – you will simply be minimizing (and ideally, eliminating) and buff trails and fine scratches from previous stages. Soft and flexible buffing wheels allow you to apply the finest compounds gently and evenly, resulting in a beautiful, flawless mirror finish. Spectrum recommends combining these buffing wheels with Menzerna’s 480BLF Finish, 480W Finish, P275 Finish, 495P Finish, P126 Finish, GW16 Finish, P175 Super Finish, and M5 Super Finish compounds (or any of the paint/plastic focused compounds due to the sensitivity of these surfaces).

Purchase any 10+ buffs and save 5%!

Pairs with: Menzerna P275, Menzerna 495P, Menzerna 480BLF, Menzerna 480W, Menzerna P126, Menzerna GW16, Menzerna P175, Menzerna M5

Buff will need to be raked prior to initial use. Does not include a center reducer plate. Requires the use of a self-centering safety flange set or standard end flanges (ideally) in conjunction with a center reducer plate for proper mounting and safe operation. Industrial grade.

Max RPM:
10" x 3" = 3200 RPM
12" x 5" = 3000 RPM

Wheel Diameter

10" x 3", 12" x 5"


Untreated White (Soft), Domet Flannel (Extra Soft)


86/80 Cloth (Extra Dense), #4 Pack (Heavy Duty), 20 Ply, 86/80 Cloth (Extra Dense), #4 Pack (Heavy Duty), 16 Ply, 42/40 Cloth (Low Density), #4 Pack (Heavy Duty), 20 Ply, 42/40 Cloth (Low Density), #4 Pack (Heavy Duty), 16 Ply

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