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High performance car polish compound with maximum abrasion that works to a medium cut – without hazardous solvents.

Ideal for professional vehicle detailing and coating, this VOC-free high-performance compound leads in the removal of sanding marks. Menzerna’s Green Line Super Heavy Cut Compound (SHCC) 300 removes 1200-1500 grit sanding marks and signs of use in the shortest time without aggressive solvents, resulting in healthier and more comfortable work in professional automotive finishing and paintwork applications.

SHCC 300 (Green Line) results in a high performance finish thanks to the latest polishing technologies with divisible polishing grit – diminishing abrasives start at a heavy cut but finish at a medium cut. The non Green Line version of this product was previously known as FG 300.

Cut / Gloss: 10 / 6

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