Menzerna – Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt


The Menzerna car wash mitt and MZ Wash are a hand-washing dream team!

This premium car-washing mitt is perfect for hand-washing vehicles. The soft, dense microfibers are ideal for absorbing dirt particles and are especially kind to clear coats. The network of links on the inside of the car wash mitt ensures superb comfort and stops the mitt from slipping off during use. This premium car-washing mitt is perfectly tailored to Menzerna’s MZ Wash car shampoo and supports the formation of foam.

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Purchase any 3-5 Menzerna automotive/marine polishes and detailing products and save 10%! Purchase 6-11, save 15%! Purchase 12+, save 20%! 5L volumes are excluded from this promotion.
Process: Wash the car using MZ Wash and the two-bucket method; use straight motions when washing the car to minimize potential swirls.

- perfect absorption of dirt particles
- soft, dense microfibers
- gentle on automotive coats
- easy to use, shape-retentive
- high water absorption
- supports the formation of foam
- machine-washable (40°C)

Menzerna cleaning accessories deliver a clean surface and lay the groundwork for polishing and sealing. Effortlessly clean your car with high-quality products, whether car shampoo, cleaning spray, or quick detailer.

Weight0.124 kg
Dimensions26.67 × 20.32 × 5.08 cm

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