Menzerna – P275 Precious Metal Finish


A specialty finishing compound for precious metals that adds depth and gloss while providing more lubricity and cut than standard finishing compounds.

Menzerna P275 is a colouring compound designed especially for titanium, stainless steel, cobalt/chromium alloys (medical devices) and coated surfaces. Constructed with some of the finest raw materials, P275 creates a brilliant and deep mirror-gloss. Spectrum recommends pairing this compound with medium-soft buffs like our Osborn yellow, untreated, and flannel airways.

Cut / Gloss: 4 / 7

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Most effective in precious metal and stainless steel processes; follow with M5 Super Finish.

Complements: Menzerna 523LBZ, Menzerna 456G, Menzerna 333, Menzerna P164, Menzerna P126Menzerna P175, Menzerna M5
Pairs withOsborn Yellow Airway Buffing WheelsOsborn Untreated (White) Airway, Osborn Flannel Airway
Storage: Store between 5C and 30C, avoid frost/freezing and direct sunlight.

Precautions: Do not breathe dust during use. Wear appropriate safety clothing and respiratory protection. Generated dust exposure can irritate eyes and skin.

Weight1.242 kg
Dimensions23 × 6.5 × 4.5 cm
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