Menzerna Automotive/Marine Mystery Bundle


Is it really a gamble when you’re getting some of the greatest polishing and detailing products available?

To celebrate our newly launched Free Shipping option, we’ve crafted a new deal involving HUGE savings on mind-blowing products from Menzerna. The catch? You never know what you’ll get inside! You could get professional quality automotive or marine/gelcoat polishes, detailing chemicals and accessories, polishing pads, and more! You might receive an old favourite or something you never thought to try.

So what’s to gain? Spend $250 CAD (~$205 USD) on the Small Bundle and receive at least $335 (~$275 USD) worth of Menzerna products – OR, spend $350 (~$290 USD) on the Big Bundle and receive at least $540 (~$445 USD) worth of Menzerna products!

All Mystery Bundle sales are final. No exchange of products or returns will be accepted after purchase. If you purchase more than one Mystery Bundle there is a high probability you will receive some of the same products in each Mystery Bundle.


One of many fantastic Menzerna polishes!

Bundle Size

Small Bundle, Large Bundle

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