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The System 4000™ Pad Washer with Pure Flo Technology is a self-contained cleaning system featuring a user controlled pump and a removable catch basin.

Contaminated wool, microfiber, and foam pads can lead you down the rabbit hole by introducing new defects as you are correcting paint or gelcoat – and since you don’t have unlimited material to work with, you can’t afford to correct the same panel over and over. The System 4000™ Pad Washer keeps clean solution separate from used solution, and allows you to clean pads on the go or at the end of the day in less than thirty seconds. Helps extend the life of your pads by avoiding high temperatures and spin cycles to maximize your performance and correcting efficiency with every pass.

Clean water will work just fine during your polishing process. Lake Country recommends that Snappy Clean Boost™ be used primarily for end-of-day pad washing, to avoid affecting your polishing chemicals while you work.

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