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Revolutionary foamed wool pads cut like lambswool but finish like foam, on rotary, DA, and gear-driven machines.

The proprietary foaming process helps hold the fibers together, creating a cushioned feel, holding abrasives to the surface, and adding an increased gloss and finishing ability. The patented nanofoam process encapsulates fibers at the base of the lambswool with microscopic polyfoam particles. Easily remove and level P1500 grit scratches, but still leave the finish of a foam pad, reducing holograms or compounding swirls. More aggressive than microfiber cutting pads, less aggressive than pre-washed and twisted wool pads. 1/4″ thick recommended for dual-action and gear driven dual-action; 1″ thick recommended for rotary and gear driven dual-action. Pairs best with Menzerna Heavy Cut 400. Clean between passes with a wool spur (better yet, compressed air) or after a few sets with the Lake Country System 4000 Pad Washer.

Cut / Finish: 8 / 8 (within the Knitted Wool line).

Purchase any 3-5 Lake Country polishing pads or backing plates and save 5%. Purchase 6+ and save 10%! Purchase 12+ and save 15%!