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CCS Heavy Duty Orbital (HDO) foam pads maximize your productivity with long-throw dual-action polishers.

The dual layer design allows these pads to capture all the benefits that come with not only a tapered pad – like anti-roll and backing plate protection – but the benefits of even compression like an exact fit pad. It features the benefits of a thin pad, such as increased power and reduced pad motion, while still retaining the proper weight and balance for proper rotation. These features are further enhanced by Lake Country CCS technology, which results in extended working time, better control, reduced pad skipping, and less friction-generated heat.

Clean between passes with a pad conditioning brush or after a few sets with the Lake Country System 4000 Pad Washer.

Purchase any 3-5 Lake Country polishing pads or backing plates and save 5%. Purchase 6+ and save 10%! Purchase 12+ and save 15%!