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Twisted wool provides the most aggressive cutting action on rotary polishers, making quick work of severe defects – even on hard clearcoats and gelcoat.

Wool pads are aggressive and durable; curved pad edges protect the working surface. Wool pads have a larger cutting surface area per square inch than foam, allowing for faster cutting action, with less downward pressure, and less friction-generated heat; however, twisted wool and coarse compounds can produce micro-marring/buffing trails/hazing that need refining. Removes P1000 – P1500 grit sanding scratches, heavy to medium oxidation, and works on automotive paint, gelcoat, and aluminum. Clean between passes with a wool spur or after a few sets with the Lake Country System 4000 Pad Washer.

Cut / Finish: 10 / 2 (within the Tufted Wool line).

Purchase any 3-5 Lake Country polishing pads or backing plates and save 5%. Purchase 6+ and save 10%! Purchase 12+ and save 15%!