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Premium non-woven abrasive material for sanding, blending, and satin finishing on flat or contoured metal parts.

After a long wait, we’re proud to introduce Spectrum Professional Series buffing wheels made by Hilzinger America. Non-woven abrasives of the highest quality differ from the standard fare through consistency and efficiency: strictly controlled webbing thickness, density, and resin/aluminum oxide abrasive distribution throughout the material ensure consistent and even cutting action even as the buff wears. In addition, initial testing found that the more “springy” and flexible webbing used by Hilzinger produced cleaner finishes that were more easily buffed out. Keep in mind that although the grits seem aggressive, non-woven abrasives typically produce finishes more similar to a grit up to 2x their number (e.g., Medium will leave a finish more similar to +/- 150 grit sandpaper).

Four-ply airway buffs are less aggressive than full disc non-woven abrasive wheels; they can be used to produce decorative finishes. Recommended for cleaning up welds and in areas where conventional sanders cannot reach (e.g., drive rim water channels) prior to polishing; non-woven materials offer an advantage over conventional abrasives in that they do not easily plug up with contaminating materials (e.g., dirt). Wider buffs such as these may rub against the body of the polisher and may need spacers/arbor extenders to fit more easily on short-arbor machines (e.g., Makita). Non-woven abrasive buffing wheels are not paired with buffing compounds or raked. Please note that non-woven airways also operate best at significantly lower maximum RPMs (see Additional Information below); excessive running speeds may cause material to melt or tear, significantly reducing overall lifespan (and resulting in a much less consistent finish).

Made in the USA! Please note that because European buffs are built to the millimeter, these new buffs may require the use of our updated self-centering safety flanges for best fit. Please note that until Hilzinger gets a die cut press in operation, these buffs will be un-trimmed from factory and may be slightly uneven at the edge.