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Heavy weight, medium-soft dip treated sisal buff for use in heavy cut down operations on stainless steel – but also aluminum and brass alloys.

Sisal fibre buffing wheels enhance the aggression of your polishing compounds to efficiently complete pre-polishing; by utilizing a light treatment and especially dense, high quality sisal fibers this buff’s cutting action is achieved primarily by extra weight rather than aggressive treatments, resulting in both efficient cutting action and a cleaner finish. As a result, this sisal buff is capable of pre-polishing softer metals like aluminum and brass without pulling the metal; however, use caution on softer alloys and with how aggressively you apply the buff.

Open face sisal buffs feature a pleated design that allows for cooler operation and increased flexibility than full disc sisal wheels; they also provide some oscillation on the face to help prevent rippling and streaking. Medium-soft firmness dip treatment adds to cut aggressiveness, buff life, and elasticity.  Spectrum recommends combining this wheel with Menzerna’s 439T Heavy Cut, 456G Heavy Cut, 333 Medium Cut, or P14F Medium Cut compounds. Wider buffs such as this may rub against the body of the polisher and may need spacers/arbor extenders to fit more easily on short-arbor machines (e.g., Makita).

Made in the European Union! Please note that because European buffs are built to the millimeter, these new buffs may require the use of our updated self-centering safety flanges for best fit (particularly the 12″ x 5″ varieties).