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Full speed ahead. Liquid sanding is the Menzerna breakwater.

Liquid sandpaper aggressively sands badly scratched, dirty or chalky gel coats without creating sanding dust. This liquid sanding suspension also establishes clear conditions at repair sites, resulting in ideal surface preparation for subsequent polishing. Get the best results in the least time – gel coats tend to be much thicker, harder, and more porous than clear coat, and as a result this product is formulated with more aggressive abrasives and special chemistry to prevent the liquid from being absorbed before it can be worked over the surface. Automotive compounds will work, but can result in greater product usage, more time spent, and less desirable results.

Cut: Equivalent to 800-1200 grit.

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Pairs with: Menzerna Heavy Cut Foam Pad, Non-Woven abrasive pad or Lambs Wool pad.
Suitable for: Rotary application or by hand.
Storage: Store between 5C and 30C, avoid frost/freezing and direct sunlight.

- High-grade sanding powder, very easy to use
- Even sanding pattern
- Clean sanding pattern, also on curvatures
- No sanding dust or dirt thanks to liquid suspension of the abrasive grits

Menzerna offers professional boat polishes for all types of gel coats: Surface preparation, removal of scratches, yellowing, dull spots and removal of sanding marks. For a deep gloss and flawless surfaces. Menzerna offers a Premium polishing system. Your advantages: Superior polishing processes for working efficiently with low material input in less time.

For the product technical data sheet and more detailed usage recommendations, click here.

Precautions: Contains quartz (SiO2) and other potentially hazardous materials; wear appropriate safety clothing and respiratory protection. Do not allow product to reach sewage systems or water course; inform authorities in case of seepage. Menzerna marine gel coat polishes are professional products capable of removing significant amounts of surface material; misuse could lead to irreversible surface damage. Use your least aggressive polishes, pads, and machines first unless you are very familiar with your work surface, tools, and these products.

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Dimensions7.94 × 7.94 × 27.305 cm
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    Why work harder when you can work smarter 10/10 easy to use with awesome results!

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