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Pre-cut fleece sheets produce a buff-line free mirror finish when paired with our extra-fine metal polishing cream!

These fleece sheets are pre-cut with slots to allow for ergonomic metal finishing with Rupes Cyclo polishers; the slots fit right over the squared off handle at the top of the machine, allowing you to keep excess material out of the way and use clean areas of the sheet simply by unfolding and rotating! We use the same material in our shop to remove buffing lines from large, flat (or slighly curved) surfaces and produce the finest finishes possible – even on soft metals like aluminum and brass – with our special extra-fine metal polishing cream.

We recommend wrapping this material over soft foam pads to keep polish application smooth and even. Both sides of the sheet can be used but we recommend using a compressor to keep it dust free between passes, rotation, and flipping to the other side. We also recommend washing before use in case any dust has contaminated the sheets while being prepped in our shop or during transit!

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Volume discount on Cyclo pre-cut fleece sheets: : save 5% on 3-5 sheets, 10% on 6-11 sheets, and 15% on 12+ sheets!