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Customizable buffing kit recommended for polishing aluminum (and other non-ferrous metals).

As we expand our catalogue of premium and industrial-grade polishing products, we decided to modify our polishing kits to allow for more customization. Whether you have a brand preference or simply a budget to stay within, you can select from a variety of options recommended for each basic stage of aluminum polishing. Comes with a minimum of three (3) buffing wheels and (3) solid polishing compounds. Safety flanges, rakes, and arbor extensions are available as optional additions to the kit.

Please note that while mixing and matching products from different manufacturers can produce excellent results (Stephane’s old favourite combos included compounds from several brands), it can also produce unexpected results. Kit choices may become limited after you select your first buffing wheel as 10″, 12″ and Zephyr buffing wheels require different mounting flanges.