Buffing Wheels

You can have the best buffing compounds in the world, but without the tools to apply them you might as well be polishing by hand! We offer a variety of excellently balanced, long-lasting, industrial grade airway, sisal, and other specialty buffing wheels for use on angle grinders and pedestal buffers.

A typical buff is made with 16 plys of cloth and with a #2 pack. Pack refers to the length of the cloth strips wound into the center clinch ring; a higher number has longer strips which produces more pleats and a firmer, longer wearing buffing wheel. #2 indicates “Standard Duty”, #4 indicates “Heavy Duty” and #6 indicates “Super Heavy Duty”. Density may be sacrificed for additional plys of cloth; for example, our Orange/Yellow 10″ x 3″ primary cut buff is has only #2 pack, but its extra 4 plys allow it to retain stiffness and durability. #6 wheels are available only on 5″ center rings.


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