It’s no secret that salt and brine are corrosive to our cars, boats, fleets, aircraft, and infrastructure; the result is the deterioration of paint, bodies, frames, and many other things! Unlike many acid-based salt neutralizing products, Salts Gone is a paint, coating, and polished metal safe, eco-friendly, and simple way to protect your hard-working equipment before, during, and after exposure to salt and brine. Salts Gone is proven to remove salt and form a protective barrier that prevents new salt from adhering to the surface. No agitation is required, simply spray on and rinse off! Learn more here.


Has rust already begun to destroy your equipment? All may not be lost!

Rusts Gone converts rust and protects the surface from further oxidization with an impact/temperature resistant and primed-for-paint resin.  Don’t let your equipment depreciate and fail; reverse rust with Rusts Gone! Apply using a brush, roller, or sprayer – a 32 oz jar provides up to 220 square feet of coverage. Learn more here.