Metal Polishing Kits

Our partner and head polisher Stephane has put together special kits with everything you need to begin learning the art yourself. With his tried-and-true combinations of buffing wheels and compounds, you’ll learn the basic steps necessary to achieve a mirror finish on both aluminum and stainless steel.

Solid Compounds

Polishing depends on the use of of expertly combined high-quality raw materials to give your surface a deep, glossy finish. We carry a small selection of solid polishing compounds designed & tested by Menzerna of Germany that we use to attain the unmatched finishes you see in our own work on aluminum, stainless, and more.

Buffing Wheels

You can have the best buffing compounds in the world, but without the tools to apply them you might as well be polishing by hand! We offer a variety of excellently balanced, long-lasting, industrial grade Airway, Sisal, and other specialty buffing wheels for use on angle grinders and pedestal buffers.


Achieving a perfect mirror finish involves removing peaks and valleys; as such, professional polishing typically begins with sanding to smooth out dings and scratches. We stock premium, cost-effective hook-and-loop sandpaper discs, rotary backing pads, and interface pads to maximize your clarity.